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The term ‘medical device’, can mean any type of medical equipment, mechanical or non-mechanical, that is used either in surgery or as part of a healthcare routine. Silicone breast implants are a good example of a medical device, as are the artificial heart valves used during some heart operations and replacement hip joints. If you have had an injury due to failure of a medical device our medical product liability solicitors can help you to claim compensation.


Previously it was necessary to show that a manufacturer had actually been negligent to successfully win compensation for a medical device related injury. This was difficult for even the most experienced solicitors because it required a massive amount of research and evidence that was not always easy to find. Nowadays a product or goods is deemed defective and negligent if it does not provide the level of safety that is expected by the general community and effectively you need only show that a personal injury was caused when using the medical device in question in a normal way. If you were using a medical device in a normal way, or in the way that device is supposed to be used, and you received an injury then our medical product liability solicitors can help you to claim compensation.

Defective Medical Device

A medical device can be defective in different ways relating to :-

  • Defective Design

      Refers to an inherent danger existing in the design of the product that was effectively built in at an early stage before manufacture

  • Defective Information

      Refers to inadequate warnings of danger or inadequate contra-indications supplied at the point of sale or usage or a failure to notify those in danger once a defect has been recognized after supply has already taken place

  • Defective Manufacture

      Refers to an unacceptable and dangerous defect in the actual manufacturing process whereby the product does not match the intended design

Class Action

When there are multiple people affected by the same defective product it may be possible for medical product liability solicitors to take class action litigation, group legal action or multi party action whereby a group of people can pool evidence and financial resources and can claim together in one representative legal action.

Medical Product Solicitors

We work under the ‘No win No Fee’ system and you never have to pay anything to make your claim. Before you do anything else you should seek free legal advice. Defective product claims is a niche area of the law which requires more than just general claims experience; our medical product liability solicitors are highly qualified by virtue of the experience they bring with them having handled many complex, high value and high profile cases including some of the most infamous multi-party actions against some of the worlds largest multinational corporations both here and abroad. If you would like free advice from experts just complete the contact form, email our offices or use the helpline and a solicitor will give you free advice with no further obligation.

LAWYER HELPLINE: ☎ 1800 221 167